Strategies are ways vaults provide provide returns on your deposited tokens

Who is in control of the strategies?

Each vault and strategy link is hardcoded, and code is immutable. No one can modify the vaults and strategies.

How can I make a strategy?

You can post and discuss your strategy in YieldHub’s Discord in the #strategies channel.

You’ll be entitled to a share of the revenue if your strategy is implemented.

What is APR and APY?

APR reflects the simple interest rate over a year’s time, while APY describes the rate with the effect of compounding.

Is APY/365 the right way to determine daily gains?

No, the effect of compounded interest is exponential, not linear. A daily compounded interest of 1% would yield 3678.34% a year.

How does YieldHub optimize APY?

YieldHub automates the compounding process. The compounding frequency depends on different variables in the system, like TVL, APR and strategy fees and are vault-dependent.

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